Jesus, what God has to say!

by Steve Mitchinson

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Some thoughts on the phrase that "Jesus, is what God has to say". I first read this in the forward to a book by Brad Jersak called "A more Christlike God" The forward had been written by Brian Zahnd. Great book by the way, thoroughly recommend.

The more I thought about ithis the more I thought "YES-that is so right,"but also "What does that actually mean!??!" I felt too, that it was something that needed to be sung. That it's ok to have questions and to express them openly, as we continue on this faith journey.

That Jesus can be both the question and the answer is something of a paradox (to say the least!)-yet none the less true. The truth, the word, the logos, the reason it goes on. Don't you just love the mystery of it all. Mystery in the best sense of the word. As in, more to know and experience than we can ever really comprehend with our finite human mind.


Jesus,what God has to say!

Something about Your mystery
Something about you that I'm longing to see
I have searched the desert endlessly
Walked through the wind and the rain

Something about Your majesty
You’re glorious presence is living in me
I am not the man I hope to be
But I am loved anyway

Jesus You are the breath of life
You're the joy of hope in the newborns cry
You’re the questions asked and the answers why
To what God has to say

Something about eternity
More than this present humanity
I’d be lost without You honestly
Where else would i go?

Something about your deity
You’re fully human divinity
You’re Creator God, yet you breathed like me
The first and final word

Chorus 2
Jesus you are the reason why
You’re the ray of hope in the darkening sky
All the questions asked and the answers why
To what God has to say

Long ago in many ways through prophets You were known
Now within these final days You’ve spoken…

Steve Mitchinson Jan 2017 Look! Music


released April 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Steve Mitchinson Vancouver, British Columbia

Singer/songwriter, worship leader and Palliative Care physician!! Interesting mixture for sure-but this has lead to songs that are aimed at helping bring hope and comfort to those approaching the end of life and those caring for them. A full album of songs entitled "Giver of Life" was released in 2012 through the Gracenote Project and now in 2014 a new song entitled "Forever Home" ... more

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